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Why HLand Finance?

What’s a revolution without participants? A proper De-Fi platform must be simple and accessible, even to digital asset novices. Our goal is to simplify De-Fi, gather a wide user base, create high utility services, and grow portfolios. Hland will be developed and managed together with the Hland community through a governance system. Get ready to participate in our community!

How it Works

Hland protocol is a decentralized financial platform built on the Ethereum network to provide users with a SIMPLE & EASY profit maximizing solution AI - for Profit Maximization & Risk Minimization

To maximize profit

Hland provides automatic rebalancing over various cryptocurrency assets.

Participants of the Hland protocol ecosystem will have the option to choose from a variety of rebalancing options to further increase their earnings on top of staking.

Hland lending protocol also provides extensive AI driven risk minimization measures. Our automatic data valuation engine first filters through all the relevant data, then provides only high-quality data into the risk minimization engine to adjust relevant parameters across Hland's lending protocol.


Hland - Decentralized Crypto Finance

What is De-Fi?

De-Fi stands for decentralized finance, which represents a brand-new monetary system built on a public blockchain. Most of the current De-Fi platforms work mainly by lending a certain amount of asset on a crypto mortgage or through providing collateral to take out a loan on a cryptocurrency.

What is Hland Protocol?

Hland protocol aims to simplify De-Fi for the general users and help boost their profits at the same time, even for those unfamiliar with the world of digital assets. The Hland protocol ecosystem will be created and operated in conjunction with the Hland community through a governance system.

Hland Token

The Hland governance supply token is a minting token that will be distributed generally to the users of the Hland Earn Pool & Hland Saving Pool over certain period of time. The holders of the Hland token will have an opportunity to make suggestions and changes to the direction of Hland protocol.

Governance System

The governance system comprises of deciding on various policies; operational direction, products of Hland protocol, assets to list on the protocol, etc. are all voted through governance tokens (Hland) by the holders themselves. Any proposal will be passed if a majority of the governance agrees to it.


Hland Earn

Start earning tokens simply by contributing liquidity to the community pool.

Hland Swap

Conveniently switch between various digital assets under the efficiency engine of an automated market maker (AMM).

Hland Saving

Weighted yields and lock-up periods bring growth and stability to arenas such as savings and smart contract lending.

Hland Governance

Members of the Hland community will always have the power to voice their ideas, vote on changes, and shape the project’s future.

HLand Token Information

Contract address : 0xba7b2c094c1a4757f9534a37d296a3bed7f544dc

Total Supply : 100,000

Digged in 4 years, 25 thousand per year